About Eleusyve Productions

The Rite of Mars is now available streaming and on DVD.

Aleister Crowley's The Rite of Mars, a Rock Opera (2014)

Eleusyve Productions is a community theater group based in Seattle, Washington. Our goal at Eleusyve Productions is the presentation of the seven plays comprising Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis as musical theater pieces in a manner that will render them more fully accessible to a broad and discriminating audience, using music, light, dance and drama to enhance the poetry and symmetry of the original works. It is further our goal to make these completed productions available in as many formats and to as many markets as possible, in order to more widely circulate our artistic interpretations of this material. For more information, check out Practical Presentation of the Eleusinian Rites.


To make a long story short, Jon wanted to see if he could produce The Rite of Jupiter as a rock opera, got hooked, and brought his friends along for the ride.

Creative Team

The foundation of Eleusyve Productions is the musical collaboration between Jon Sewell and Melissa Holm. Many other wonderfully talented and generous people have signed on for individual projects, and for that we are eternally grateful.


Eleusyve Productions is a labor of love. The vitality and quality of our independent productions are the direct result of the creativity and dedication of our volunteer cast and crew members. Thank you so very much.

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